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Home is where we leave the everyday behind, make our dreams reality and experience moments that stay with us forever.


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About Aluminium Windows & Doors Manufacturing Company In India

Remember how the first rays of a winter morning fill your home with warmth and positivity? Or how the raindrops trickling down your window panes take you on a trip down memory lane? Or how a morning cup of tea by a window gives a great start to your day?

Your home is a meeting point of two worlds, the world outside and the world inside where you can thrive. Eternia’s world-class windows, designed specially for Indian homes using global standards, allow the two worlds to blend seamlessly.

So you can enjoy the best of both.

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Digital or in-person consultation

Our window expert will understand your requirements

Measurement and selection

Our window expert will help you customise your window

Delivery and installation

Your windows will be installed in just a few hours

Support and maintenance

Expert customer care. Regular window maintenance is available

The simplest window purchase, installation and maintenance.

  1. Digital or in-person consultation
  2. Measurement and selection
  3. Delivery and installation
  4. Support and maintenance